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Bespoke Commissions

The Process

Initial Consultation
Initially, we like to chat through your ideas for your bespoke bathroom vanity unit over the phone.

There are key things we'll need to find out at this stage, including:

  1. Minimum and maximum measurements (Width, Depth and Height - standard off-the-shelf vanity units are 87cm to the top of basin)
  2. Type and style of basin(s) required - countertop 'vessel' basins, drop-in or under-mounted,
  3. Hand painted or white basins?
  4. Style of furniture e.g. French, Queen Anne, Mid Century?
  5. Finish - painted or wood stained?
  6. Colour - we can colour match our specialist cabinetry paint to any brand colour such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene or Fired Earth.
  7. Paint or stain finish - matte, semi-matte (eggshell) or gloss?
  8. Countertop - tiled, marble, granite or quartz?
  9. Do you require taps? If so, what kind of style/finish would you like?
  10. An indication of your overall budget is also helpful for us to know before sourcing furniture. Prices can vary hugely, so knowing how much we have to spend is crucial to finding the perfect piece for your project and your budget.
  11. Delivery Postcode
  12. Deadline for Delivery

Sourcing Furniture

After we've had an initial discussion regarding these key details, we can source some examples of suitable pieces of furniture, for which we will then create a written estimate.

Written Estimate
Following receipt of the estimate, if you would like to proceed, we will issue an invoice for 75% of the full amount. The remaining 25% will become due when the unit is completed and before delivery is arranged.

If you can act swiftly, we may be able to secure the piece of furniture that the estimate is based on, however, this is not a guarantee as some items are sold at auction or markets, and there is always the possibility that it is sold in the meantime. However, wherever possible, we will attempt to keep the item on hold for a few days.

In the event that we are unable to purchase the piece of furniture our original estimate is based on, we will make every attempt to find another suitable piece within budget, and will only purchase once you have seen photos and approved. Swift communication between us will be key during the sourcing process. We find that WhatsApp is a brilliant way to share images and details of potential furniture pieces with our clients.

Order Confirmation & Payment
As soon as payment is received, we will purchase the furniture and arrange delivery of it to our workshop. 

The usual timeline for a project from payment to delivery is 6-12 weeks, provided all details such as colours and finishes have been agreed in advance.

Work Begins
When your piece of furniture arrives, we will inspect it to ensure that measurements are all inline with our design and that the wood is sound. 

We then carefully remove all hardware including hinges and handles and strip away any old finishes such as varnish/wax and repair any damages, scratches or dents. At this point we can make a decision on the interior of drawers/cupboards - whether they are in good enough shape to be refinished with stain, oil or wax or if they should be painted out.

At this stage we also measure and cut holes for basins, taps and wastes. If you know where plumbing will be joining the unit at this stage, we're also more than happy to cut holes in the back of the unit for you. However, if you are at all unsure, it may be best to leave this task to your bathroom fitter.

In order to ensure your finished bathroom vanity unit will a) sit flush against the wall and b) allow for skirting boards, we may also need to add a plinth to the back. This will be done sympathetically and in keeping with the original piece's character. Where a large plinth is required, we also recommend having a stone top, the plinth will then meet the stone.

If you've opted to keep the furniture's original hardware, we will clean it up and refinish it in line with our overall design - we have some amazing products than can change the tone of metal so we're sure we can get the exact finish you require. Or, we'll order new hardware of your choice (we can suggest some options)

Once the furniture is stripped back and repaired, if it is being painted the process is as follows:

1. One to two coats of a shellac based sealant and primer is applied. This blocks the wood's natural oils from seeping out through the finished paint and also protects and seals from water penetration.

2. Two coats of water based primer is applied to give a good base for the top coat.

3. Two-Three coats of water-based, specialist hardwearing cabinetry paint is applied. We tend to use a mixture of brush, roller and spray depending on the piece being painted and the amount of carving or detail work there is.

4. Optional final coat of wax/lacquer.

If your piece is being stained (this is subject to the furniture being in good enough condition) the stripping process will take somewhat longer as we need to be a lot more careful in preserving the original wood. Once stripped back we will stain in a colour of your choice then coat with 2-3 coats of a protective oil wax to protect from water/stain damage.

Once the final coat is dried and cured (paint is usually 3 days minimum to cure, wax oil takes 10-24 hours between coats) We will begin reassembling the furniture, re-fitting doors, drawers and the new or refinished hardware.

Finally, if quartz or marble has been chosen, this will be measured up and fitted.

Once the piece is completely finished, we will arrange collection by our expert fine art and antiques carrier, who will then contact you directly to arrange a convenient time to deliver. It is usually around one week from collection of the finished piece to delivery if based in the UK.

Basins, taps and quartz tops will be wrapped separately to the unit for extra protection during transit. Your chosen bathroom fitter will need to seal and plumb in the taps, plug, basin and quartz or granite top upon delivery.